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sarah breu

I am a wife and mom to 3 beautiful kids, and I am very driven to do the best for our family. After university, my husband and I lived out in Canmore and living in the valley opened my eyes up to a more natural and toxin free lifestyle – the beginning of my switch and ditch. This is where I started using essential oils and herb tinctures when we were sick, using natural soaps, lotions and shampoos and cleaning with natural cleaners. It wasn’t until just last year when a girlfriend of mine introduced me to Young Living essential oils. Within days of using the oils, I knew that there really is a difference in oils and their quality. These oils were way more potent in smell and were working in ways the other products I had used in the past didn’t.

I am an athletic therapist running my own company, Return to Play Therapy. After seeing how the oils were helping my family, I started bringing my oils into my practice. First diffusing in the post natal core recovery classes to help the women relax and focus and then into helping with patient’s pain and healing; and also to use for cleaning the clinic. All my patients love the oils and a large number of them have even started using them for their families as well.

Being an athletic therapist, I am in the business of helping people; “I fix people” – as my 4 year old would describe mommy’s job. Being aligned with Young Living, allows me to further fulfill my Purpose, as I am able to help people in more ways now. I am grateful to have found Young Living as they have brought Abundance to our lives – helping my family live a cleaner lifestyle, which has improved our health and happiness; and a growing business that I had never dreamed of.

If you are looking at starting your oily journey, want to jump head first into this lifestyle or just dabble in with some switch and ditch efforts please let me help you with Young Living and all this company has to offer.