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tannas walsh

Tannas comes to YL bringing almost two decades of practicing medicine as well as several years of working all over the world learning about traditional and complimentary medicine from several cultures. Her drive to learn the “why” and “how” the body works, hurts and heals is her passion and since becoming part of the YL Family, she has found that the word “essential” in Essential Oils carries far more truth to a happy and healthy lifestyle than any piece of paper or more University can bring. Tannas truly enjoys helping people understand why a certain oil or a specific blend will help them. She has a penchant for research and finding out that when it comes to each and every person, 1 + 1 does not always equal 2. We are individuals and our challenges and goals must be addressed that way. What works for a friend may not work for you and if a “recipe” requires a tweak, it’s likely Tannas that will find that tweak just for you.

She truly enjoys the challenge and finding the answers that YL can bring to help you achieve your goals as well as get you in peak performance. The word “quit” is not in her vocabulary.
If you’re facing a challenge, Tannas is a great person to help you find the path and stick to it. She truly cares about what YL can do for you and your family as it has done so much for hers. Tannas is always happy to listen as well as share what she has faced and is conquering. Everyone has a story and we are all unique and she firmly believes that YL can help you individually create the life you want.