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Tonia & Colin McArthur

Tonia & Colin McArthur It’s a rarity that a husband and wife team join forces right from the beginning of their network marketing business, so we’re both grateful for our unified front. We love being entrepreneurs and build our business primarily online, creating the freedom to work our business and connect with amazing people from all over the world. Utilizing social media and our blog, we grow our Young Living business by inspiring others to really connect with what freedom means to them and to help support them through building their own successful businesses all while implementing a cleaner, more natural and plant-based lifestyle themselves.

We are accidental vegetarians, as well as lifelong fitness and yoga enthusiasts! Leaders with Team ESOS, we are passionate about sharing plant based and effective alternatives for everything in your home, from cleaning products, to essential oils, supplements and even minimal ingredient, completely plant- and mineral-based make up! We thrive on helping to empower and support our team to take advantage of the incredible opportunity Young Living offers so our members can be successful in both application of their products and businesses. This is where the name ESOS came from, which is an acronym for Empowerment, Support, Opportunity and Success!